The topic for this week :  First Things!

Listen to two Poems about the Dawn of the Day

We still feel that fresh page that turned December 31st!  So, why not look at a series of FIRSTS?

The audio to listen to consists of two poems about the first few minutes of your day. Be thinking about how you describe your like or dislike of the breaking dawn.  (no judgment if you are just cranking up at midnight and love to sleep in)…. but maybe ask what you love most about that pattern.

Psalm 22 opens with these words: To the chief Musician. Upon Aijeleth-Shahar. A Psalm of David.  

The words,  “upon Aijeleth-Shahar” can be translated to mean, ‘the hind of the morning.’  This basically says that the David was pouring out his heart in the morning.  The lament of  Psalm 22 was declared in the early daylight as a prayer and cry of agony.

Poets also are inspired by the liminal time of the morning.  They invented a poetic form, called the aubade, as a way to praise the morning. We may look at one Thursday night.