Poetry is often seen as a departure from monotony.  What is a monotone life? What does it mean?monotony

wearisome routine; dullness

lack of variety in pitch or cadence

Philosopher Henry Van Dyke wrote:

As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living,
new dimensions of the soul will not emerge.

Do you agree with that idea?  Does monotony mean the same thing as boredom?  Do you ever wrestle with boredom?

Listen to Andy Gullahorn’s Song

Robert’s off and on like a switch on the wall.
His wagon’s not as strong as we hoped that it was.

Robert’s like a train stuck inside the tracks every
day’s the same slipping through the crack.
Robert’s like a train.

Robert’s shifty eyes never do let him rest.
They spend all their time looking for something else.

Robert’s like a wheel taken for a spin.
It’s just the same old deal round and round again.
Robert’s like a wheel.

You tell yourself you want to be free then the
quicksand covers your feet.
The more you fight the deeper you sink.

Robert’s tired smile is only there to cover
up all the dark desires he does not really want.

Robert’s like a child cause children never know
what’s pleasing to the eye can steal away your soul.

Robert’s like a train