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Put these words in a column and try to remember one moment of each kind:



A Threshold Moment






Listen to a 4 Minute audio here
Audio is an interview by Marie Howe (poetry reading included) and the poem Silence by Billy Collins

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This week we are going to look at poems and paintings about moments.  Sometimes the art of noticing a very specific moment is the best way to make your writing believable and a careful small description conveys to the reader the authentic power of a brief moment. Poets describe moments as the box cars that are carefully linked to make a powerful story.  In the poem by Billy Collins… you can substitute the word ‘moment’ for each occurrence of the word ‘silence.’

Think of it this way, moments pile up like snow.   Bill Moyers says, “One of poetry’s great powers is its preservative ability to take a moment in time and make an attempt to hold it.”  He believes that these moments, actually are all that we have.  He concludes, “Something as small as a poem extends our lives.”