Life is a Breeze


This first week we are going to have a ‘soft opening’ for the Tuesday night class. I realize that with my move to Nashville I have not been as fast as I would like to have been in getting the chapter scanned and mailed to you.  It is very short, as all of the chapters of Housden’s books are, but I know it will be much easier when you have the book in hand. I have one for each of you and we will pick poems and a few chapters for each month. I am happy for you to read the whole book of ten but we will only deeply cover 4-6.  The main thing is to come Tuesday night.  I will be giving you the gate code in your email but if you have trouble Tuesday night feel free to call me at 615- 504-1488.  Billy Collins is all about not taking poetry too seriously or himself too seriously.  It has been great for me to find the paintings that match Chapter One and come up with our creativity prompt.  If you don’t have time to read the chapter, don’t worry.  We are following the mantra,  “Life is a Breeze”  about this first night together. Thanks so much.
Nita and Danielle

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