Topic Week One: BLESSING

Listen to POEM here

Listen to the one minute poem by William Stafford. It is titled, A Look Returned

To prepare for the first class. Listen to the poem and read the following two poems. Be thinking about the ways that active blessings and passive blessings are unique. (the northern Dakota landscape is an example of a passive blessing… it is there for anyone that takes time to notice it) while the O’Donohue blessing is more like an arrow aimed at a specific target.

#1  By John O’Donohue

May you choose outrageous actions that challenge who you are
and encourage who you are becoming.
May you take one step, however small,
toward that which you have always longed for.
Now is the “right time.”
May you recognize the unique and powerful contribution
that you bring to the people whose lives you touch.

#2  All I Have Even Known
by Amy Chrisman

Everything I’ve ever known is with me still,
bits of Kindergarten wedged between each toe,
High school banished to the shadows behind
my spine.
womb pictures hung in rows along
the length of my thigh.
Recent years cling
to the tips of my fingers like good dirt
gathered between thick garden rows.
Every place I’ve ever visited has dropped
a pebble in my pocket. history dripping like
tears from their thick skins. Everyone I’ve
ever loved breathes through my lungs.
Everything I’ve ever done still travels the
long road of my blood from heart to brain
and back. All of my life is hiding in this
imperfect body waiting to be remembered
in a certain slant of light.
the timbre of a voice.
the slow path of a hand. tilt of a head. curve
of shoulder or hip.
Whole years gather
in the tatters of a song, faces swim in good
wine, rooms emerge from the scent of
flowers or spice. Blessing or curse,
everything I’ve ever known is with me
and I am trying to remember all of it.
Nita Andrews
Nita AndrewsFacilitator

We meet Tuesday morning at 9:30 in downtown Franklin. Contact me at if you have any need for information or directions. Most of the info should have arrived through emails from Eventbrite. You don’t need to print out your tickets though.. we are not checking in a concert hall just yet!